dōTERRA Mexican Blend

I picked up a Mexican blend recipe at the most recent dōTERRA Wellness Summit in Honolulu and couldn’t wait to try it! So, what better time then my first ever oil class?!

The blend made an appearance in my chili, salsa and guac. In fact, the Mexican Blend + avos were the only thing in the guac- I didn’t even add salt or pepper! Its just so simple and so convenient and really packs a punch! I say start small and add as you taste to fit your needs! Also on the menu was sangrias! I found a general recipe online and tweeked it to fit the theme and my pantry.

I’ve included the recipe for the blend in addition to my salsa and the sangria, but left out the guac (because avo+blend IS the recipe) and my chili (because that’s top secret- just kidding, it would require more time typing and to that I say meh.)

Of course, if you have fresh ingredients in your pantry, then by all means use them! I did use fresh cilantro in the salsa and I feel like the blend really elevated My fresh ingredients! This is really just another way to showcase how versatile our oils can be and also help out any one in a fix who just ran out of limes, basil, cilantro, etc., BUT does have a stash of oils on hand! Heads-up! I almost never cook using measurement, so those are a guestimate 🤗.

dōTERRA Mexican Blend
In a glass dropper, minimum 1oz size

Oils 🌱💧
1 oz Organic Olive Oil
5 drops Lime
3 drops Cilantro
2 drops Cumin
2 drops Black Pepper
1 drop Oregano

Salsa 🍅🌱
3-4 firm med-large tomatoes
Half of 1 white onion
3-4 stalks green onion
Half of 1 jalapeno (remember more seeds = more heat)
Bunch parsley
2 tablespoons minced garlic
1/4 cup lime juice

Chop tomatoes and onions in quarters and dice separately in food processor until it reaches salsa like consistency (Onions take more pulses than tomatoes to break down, so if done together, the tomatoes would likely be mush by the time you got your onions broken down… unless you like big pieces of onion that is!). Combine in med-large sized bowl. Dice green onions, garlic, parsley, and jalapeno then add to bowl. Drizzle in the lime juice, add a few dashes of salt and pepper followed by the Mexican blend TO TASTE, before covering and letting the flavors marinate in the fridge for an hour or so before serving!

Sangria 🍊🍋🍷

2 bottles of red wine (I used some Riojas from Costco)
Half a bottle Patron Citronge
4 drops each dōTERRA oils:
Wild Orange
One orange cut into slices
One lemon cut into slices
One lime cut into slices
2 cans La Croix Passion Fruit (I would have used Lemon, Lime or Orange, but Passion Fruit is what we had on hand)

Combine all ingredients in a pitcher and chill for an hour before serving. Cheers!

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