DIY EO Foaming Hand Soap

Ingredients/ Supplies

2 tablespoons liquid castile soap (unscented)

1 tablespoon Fractionated Coconut oil

10 drops essential oils of choice

Boiled (and cooled) or Distilled Water


Pour castile soap and Fractionated Coconut Oil into bottle.

Add essential oils.

Slowly add water into bottle making sure to leave room for the foaming pump.

Add lid, shake, and you are good to go!

When ready to use, just pump 1-2 times into hands and wash with warm water.

The following oils contain antibacterial properties and possess a generally clean and pleasant smell.

Commonly Used Cleaning Oils:





Wild Orange




You can also change it up seasonally with oils like Cinnamon, Siberian Fir, and Peppermint.

If you don’t have time or will to make your own foaming hand soap at home, you can purchase dōTERRA’s OnGuard Foaming Hand Soap already made here.

Recipe reposted from the dōTERRA  blog


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