DIY dōTERRA Bath Bombs 

If you’re looking for a bath bomb that you and your family can enjoy without the worry of dangerous fragrances, colors or chemicals, this is the recipe for you! I really can’t stress enough how ridiculously easy these are to make! Now if only we had a bathtub to enjoy them! The girls can’t stop asking to use them so into the swimming pool they go, I suppose!

The original doTERRA video can be seen here. It’s super short and easy to follow! These would also make excellent (and affordable) party favors or gifts!


2 cups baking soda

1 cup citric acid

10 drops of your doTERRA oil of choice- I used the following:

• Passion

• OnGuard (it is cold and flu season afterall!)

• Cheer

• Balance

• Peace

• Serenity

Coloring agent

Witch Hazel in a spray bottle

Bath bomb molds


In a large bowl, mix together baking soda and citric acid, while working out the lumpy bits (I used a fork)

Add oils and continue mixing thoroughly

Add coloring (Note: color saturation will depend on how much coloring you use, however, because the powder and citric acid are white, it will most likely be a pastel color) and mix thoroughly (I began using my hands at this point)

Spray witchhazel onto baking soda/citric acid 2-3 times and mix thoroughly. Continue spraying and mixing until the powder resembles wet sand. You want the powder to stick together, but you DO NOT want it to be too wet or it will stick to the molds. Should that happen sparingly add baking soda until you get a dryer consistency

Pack tightly into mold and smoosh together, letting them sit for roughly 30 seconds before gently popping them out

Air dry overnight on a flat surface before packaging

Enjoy 🛁💜

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