Aloha 2017!

Operation: Ohana is back and looking forward to 2017 and all the opportunity it can afford! Mahalo for joining us on this journey  😍

With the new year comes new intentions and of course new resolutions! Here are a few areas our ohana plans to focus on this year:

  1. Practicing simplicity and minimalism in our home and lifestyle
  2. Prioritizing the well-being of our minds, bodies and spirits
  3. Less obligations, MORE fun!

By practicing simplicity and minimalism, we are attempting to live by the mantra “less is more” to the benefit of our bank accounts 💸, spaces 🛋 and spirits 📿. We hope that by decreasing material accumulation, we’ll have more energy and resources to channel into family experiences.

Prioritizing the well-being of our minds, bodies and spirits doesn’t necessarily mean getting fit or losing weight (although that is true in part), but is actually geared toward LISTENING to our bodies and fueling them in the right ways. Tired? Rest 💆🏻! Stressed? Yoga🙏🏽 (or hugs ❤️)! Bloated? Greens 🌱!

Finally, we hope to spend less time doing things we don’t necessarily want to yet feel obligated to, and more time doing activities we enjoy- guilt free 💥👊🏼💥!

Have you set any goals for your ohana in the new year?